(May 2023)
Delaware Speed is Canada's longest running paved oval and has been hosting races since 1954.
TMB Tracks has recreated the track, which includes its unique half mile egg-shape and famous Delaware Hill off the exit of turn 2.
Setup compromise will be key with the very different two ends of the speedway.
(Sept 2020)
The egg-shaped oval, also known as the "Lady in Black", Darlington Raceway is arguably the most unique circuit on the NASCAR schedule.
TMB Tracks brings to life the unique challenges of this 1.366 mile facility with a complete reconstruction from the default NR2003 version.
Share this narrow track with AI that will push you to your limits. Race the aprons at both ends of the track and experience the challenging entrance to pit road.
(March 2019)
One of the oldest surfaces on the NASCAR circuit, Atlanta Motor Speedway is infamous for multigroove racing, close finishes and an asphalt surface that chews away tires.
TMB Tracks has completely rebuilt the track highlighting the sweeping corners and ability to "Harvick" your way through the corner.
The large tire fall off will have you trying to figuring out which line works best through a run.
(June 2019)
One of the fastest tracks in NASCAR, Michigan International Speedway forces drivers to lean towards a low downforce setup to quickly get down the long straightaways.
The TMB Tracks version offers the PJOne traction compound to provide multiple lines through the corner.
Be prepared for pedal to the metal action and intense restarts, as you battle the AI for track position
(Feb 2018)
Auto Club Speedway has the second oldest surface on the schedule. This wore out surface will provide large fall of in lap times and multigroove racing.
Drive the wide sweeping turns with realistic banking transitions, track width and raceable apron in turns 3/4.
When the tires wear out, pick the best line that works for your car.
TMB (Track Maker Baker) Tracks are designed for the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season game, created by Papyrus (now iRacing).
TMB Tracks would like to give back to the community by offering a far more realistic racing experience.
Every track as been tested to provide the most realistic layout, signage, track textures, grip, tire wear, and lap times.
Please read through the track.ini file in each track folder, since some tracks have been designed to work with minimum spoiler angle to generate realistic speeds.
Lots of love, many hours and days (months?) have gone into creating these tracks to better represent their real life counter parts.
TMB Tracks would like to thank the NR2003 track making community for sharing track-side objects that have been used at many of these tracks.
Donations are always appreciated.
Buy me a coffee (speeds up the track making process).
Coming soon!